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    Dirtyphonics - Deconstruction (Original Mix) Video

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    Dirtyphonics - Deconstruction (Original Mix)

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  • Dirtyphonics is a French electronic music duo from Paris, consisting of Charly Barranger and Julien "PitchIn" Corrales. Their music style is based on electro, dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass and trap. Dirtyphonics was founded in 2004 and began performing live shows in 2006. For the first two years, the group consisted of Barranger, Thomas Desbouvrie, and Julien “Pho” Lignon. PitchIn joined in 2008 and MC Youthstar was also part of the group in 2008 but left in 2010 to persue a solo career.

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