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    Ekg - Kids These Days (Original Mix) Video

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    Ekg - Kids These Days (Original Mix)

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  • 1. EKG was a Black/Death/Doom metal band from Rakovník, Central Bohemian Region, Czechia. 1990-1992 2. EKG is early 80's avant-garde / mutant jazz / post-punk project from Düsseldorf. Part of 3-way compilation "Massa" with Blässe and Roter Stern Belgrad released on Klar! 80 records in 1981, also part of "Klar! 80 Sampler 2: Sample And Hold". Consists from Bernd Kastner & Siegfried Syniuga (of Strafe Für Rebellion), Bernd Wedrich, Jörn Stoya (of Family 5; Trashmuseum; Blank Bartóks; Bombay 1).

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