Kidd Kidd Antidote Remix MP3 Download

    Kidd Kidd - Antidote (Remix) Video

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    Kidd Kidd - Antidote (Remix)

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Kidd Kidd

  • "The Reallionaire" Rappers today often attribute some of their success tothe Streets. In the case of New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd, it is the streetsthat get the full credit.Formerly known as Nutt Da Kidd, Kidd Kidd rose upthrough the ranks as one quarter of Sqad Up, along with his brethren Gudda, Supe and Young Yo. The group was consistent on the ever-evolving mixtape scene, saturating the streets with their projects and forging a name for themselves. Their lyrical ability had encouraged a more than positiveresponse both collectively and individually, so it was inevitable that a label deal would be the

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