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    Turk - #YouMadYet (Snippet) Video

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    Turk - #YouMadYet (Snippet)

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  • There are three artists under the name "Turk" Turk, who's real name is Önder Do─čan was born in Amsterdam-Noord. While he was still in his childhood, the family moved to Madrid, Istanbul and at last to Eindhoven. Back in the Netherlands he started writing his own raps, and joined "Militant Union" with who he participated at the Grote Prijs van Nederland. Later on he met SpaceKees in a coffeeshop, and they started recording. SpaceKees even asked Turk to join him and Jiggy Djé on stage as backup-MC. In 2008 his first EP was ready, entitled Turkse Pizza. This EP, produced

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